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Digital Bangladesh Day 2022 Quiz Result- Winner List PDF Download

Did you participate in the Digital Bangladesh Day 2023 online quiz on November 29 and December 1 and 2, 2023? So, you must have been looking for the results of those quiz winners by now, right? On the occasion of Digital Bangladesh Day on 12 December 2023, the ICT Department of the Ministry of Information and Technology has released the results of the Digital Bangladesh Day 2023 online quiz competition. Digital Bangladesh Quiz Competition 2023 Register first.

Results of this published quiz can be downloaded from this website https://quiz.digitalbangladesh.gov.bd and PDF list of 21 winning candidates from below our website. In addition to getting the list of winners in the quiz, try to read our entire article to know the known and unknown information about the Digital Bangladesh Quiz.

Digital Bangladesh Day 2023 Quiz Competition Result

You know that every year the government of Bangladesh organizes an online question and answer i.e. quiz from the citizens of Bangladesh on ICT subjects with the aim of fulfilling the Digital Bangladesh Mission 2041 and 2100.

In addition to registering online for free, you can also participate in the Digital Bangladesh Day Quiz. Here is the list of successful candidates who participated in online MCQ exam in group A, B and C on November 29, December 1 and December 2 in 2023 respectively.

Since, the main objective of this quiz competition is to fulfill the goal of Digital Bangladesh SAARC and to bring the light of technology to people of all walks of life. So welcome if you have won the quiz competition.

If you are not a winner, you can know the registration deadline for 2023 and all the information. In the coming days you can also win an attractive laptop by winning the Digital Bangladesh Day Quiz Competition.

Digital Bangladesh Quiz Result PDF Download

If you participated in Digital Bangladesh Online Quiz and want to believe yourself as a winner, then download the pdf of the quiz result below.

After checking repeatedly if you see that your name is in the list of winning candidates, then contact the hotline number of ICT Department correctly and claim your desired prize. Also, if you have any questions about the Digital Bangladesh Day Quiz Competition, you can comment us. Thank you.

Quiz Result PDF Download

Digital Bangladesh Quiz Result 2023

A total of 21 awards including laptops and smartphones have been allocated for the year 2023 by the ICT Directorate. Advanced candidates can receive attractive rewards directly and through. State Minister for ICT Mr. Junaid Ahmed Khan Palak will be present at the prize distribution ceremony along with dignitaries.

So, now it’s time to check your lucky registration number from the list below. The final result of the online-quiz competition of the Digital Bangladesh Day has just been published on the official website of the ICT Department. You can download the list of 21 winners by clicking on the link below.

If you are a lucky laptop or smartphone winner of Digital Bangladesh Day online-quiz competition, know more detailed information and what pattern of question-answers are there and share it with your dear friends if needed.

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Digital Bangladesh Quiz Competition 2023 Register first.


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